Service packages & prices

All our grave maintenance packages include following services:

  • Grave site and tombstone cleaning and washing, getting rid of litter. We also attach photos before and after the service;
  • Tombstone inspections. Based on the results, we send you a detailed description of damages with recommendations as to the repairs. We also attach photos in order you could clearly understand the situation;
  • Removal of plant growth an/or dust build-up;
  • Lighting memorial candles.

The prices below are valid for the performance of services in cemeteries located in the region of Gadera to Hadera.

One-time service


Tombstone cleaning service – one-time service

Two services within 1 year


Tombstone cleaning service – 2 services within a 1 year

Four services within 1 year


Tombstone cleaning service – 4 services within a 1 year

Customizable service package

Fully customizable
service package – contact us to check it out